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As a reminder, we are mandated reporters and may have to breach confidentiality and report information submitted below if you tell us about a minor who is experiencing trafficking or other abuse, harm, or neglect, or someone who has intent to cause harm to themselves or others. If you're in immediate danger, please call 911.

What type of trafficking do you believe you've observed?
Has this situation been reported to another law enforcement agency?

You may remain anonymous, but providing your information will help us investigate your concerns quickly and thoroughly. All reports made to the Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline, either by phone or online, are confidential, including content and provider information. If you choose to remain anonymous, we will use the information provided above to take appropriate action. NOTE: As mandated reporters, we must breach confidentiality if you identify as a minor in a trafficking or otherwise abusive, harmful, or neglectful situation, as well as if you disclose specific intent to take lethal action against yourself or others.

Can we leave a message at this number?
Do you consent to having your contact information shared with external investigative partners so they can reach out to you, if needed?
Which best describes your affiliation?

Thanks for submitting.

If this is an emergency, call 911.

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