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Human trafficking is a demand-driven crime, largely fueled by men. A growing number of men have embraced the issue of human trafficking and their unique role in contributing to its end.


You have the ability to spread the message of ITHasToStop like few others!

In recent years, groups of students on campuses across the country have rallied around the need to address human trafficking in this generation, through awareness and action. That’s why we’ve launched #ITCouldBeMe.

College Students
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One study suggests that close to 90% of victims saw a medical provider and close to 65% of victims sought treatment at a hospital or emergency room while being trafficked. Unfortunately, recognizing a patient who is experiencing trafficking may be a difficult task.


Introduction to Human Trafficking for Tennessee Educators, developed by the Tennessee Anti-Slavery Alliance in partnership with End Slavery Tennessee, provides public educators with the vital information needed to identify potential victims of human trafficking, report appropriately, and understand the available resources necessary for the treatment and care for survivors.

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